Ice Halo Protective Hats
Price: See options for details
Standard toque $80
Curved Brim Cap $60
The Brat $80

Description: Our pro hats have an inner lining of vinyl nitrile High Density Foam which is the same foam used in many hockey helmets. This helps lessen the impact of a fall. These products have all been tested to Hockey Helmet Standards and exceed the requirements for side and back impacts where padded.
Sweep's Recommendation: Due to popular demand, Ice Halo products are now available through Clean Sheet Curling. We are impressed with the styling and fit of these products. While the above three hats quoted will be in stock, all other hats seen on the ice halo website will be available through special order.
Although not guaranteed to prevent injuries from a fall, when worn properly, it will reduce the chances of injury due to falls on the ice.
Rocky's Assessment: The only eggs I want to hear crack are the ones that go with my toast and bacon.

Delivery Stick
Price: $59.95
Options: Delivery broom adaptor $45.00 (subject to availability and conditions).

Description: The delivery aid is an aluminum telescopic device which fits on the handle of the curling stone allowing the curler to remain upright while during delivery and release.

Delivery broom adaptor can be added to your existing hollow shaft broom in most cases. Call or email us for explanation.

Olson Dynaglide / Stabilizer
Price: See options for details
Options: Dynaglide Price $89.95
Stabilizer Price: FS1 $89.95 / FS3 $129.95

Rock Watch
Price: $49.95

Price: $29.95
Options: Not exactly as shown.

Strategy Board
Price: See options for details
Options: Pocket Board (4" x 7.5"): $29.95
Coaches Board (8.5" x 11"): Discontinued

Broom Bag
Price: See options for details
Model: 215-D Duffel Bag (Discontinued)

Model: 215-I Individual Broom Bag (Discontinued)

Model: 299 Stick Bag $64.95 (available in Blk/Red, Blk/Charcoal, Blk/Blue)

Model: 215-M Mini Broom Bag $49.95 (available in Blk/Red, Blk/Blue, Blk/Charcoal)