Gripper FAQ

Q: Do I really need a gripper?

A: Grippers are extremely important as they serve two purposes: 1) they provide on-ice stability & 2) they protect your sliding shoe when not in use. (This applies to both beginner & experienced curlers)

Q: Why canít I just use a running shoe?

A: Depending on the composite of the shoe, the colder the shoe gets the slippery the surface (Itís tough enough with one slider never mind two!)

Q: Is there a difference between grippers?

A: While the grippers basically look the same, their are differences inthe materials which are used to make them. (Good sliders will retain their shape and last longer).

Q: How often should I replace my gripper?

A: You know the black marks & specks that everyone complains about? This is the result of gripper break down. If you are a once a week curler you should change your gripper once every 2 years. Anymore, and this should be a once a year habit. (The ice maker will love you)