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Ultima Dress Curling Shoe
Price: $99.95
Rating: Competitive
Options: 5/32 split sole premium molded PTFE slider
Sizes (RH ONLY):
Men 7-12, 13
Women 6-10

Description: The Ultima Dress curling shoe is simply the highest quality & performance shoe manufactured by Tournament Sports. This highest of quality full grain leather shoe features a welted midsole for extreme comfort and support. Weight distribution foot beds provide enhance balance and control. Other features include: leather heel lining for durability & fit, thinsulate lining for warm and breathability, reinforced toe & TPR gripper for long lasting performance.
Sweep's Recommendation: The Ultima Dress is clearly a premium quality shoe competing in a market segment where prices are typically in the $200 - $350 range. At $99.95 for the most popular 5/32” split sole slider the Ultima Dress provides excellent value for curlers looking for a premium, high competitive curling shoe.
Rocky's Assessment: Dress me up for the ladies!!!!!! I think someone screwed up on the price.

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Olson Classic
Price: $209.95
Rating: Intermediate to Competitive
Slider speed: Flex Perimeter Slider 1/4" Teflon ($155 for any remaining 5/32" Sliders)
Sizing: Men: 7-14 (LH/RH) - Ladies: 5-10 (LH/RH) - Left Handed shoes only available in full sizes

Description: For the competitive curler, the shoe is now only offered with a ¼” perimeter slider. This is a very high quality shoe that immediately feels comfortable on your feet. Other changes are the addition of eyelets to the lacing system.
Sweep's Recommendation: The removal of the gripper material under the ¼” perimeter slider gives the shoe a more natural feel when walking.
Rocky's Assessment: The think there is an inverse relationship between the creativity of the name and the quality of the shoe. I can hardly wait for the Olson “Curling Shoe”.

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Ultima Athletic Curling Shoe
Price: $99.95
Rating: Intermediate
Options: (3/32” full sole virgin PTFE slider)
(5/32 split sole premium molded PTFE slider)

Sizing: Men: 7-12, 13 (LH/RH) Ladies: 6-10 (LH/RH)

Description: The Ultima Athletic shoe represents a step up in quality and performance from the Ultima Sport shoe which it replaces. The new design features a top grain leather sole, weigh distributing foot beds, thinsulate lining, reinforced toe & TPR gripper, protected lacing system, and is available in both left & right hand models.
Sweep's Recommendation: The Ultima Athletic shoe looks and feels like what a high quality should be less the high price tag usually associated with a shoe of this calibre. Like its predecessor, the Ultima Athletic has an athletic shoe feel, but a little more width for better fit and comfort.
Rocky's Assessment: OK. Its been a long time in coming, but in the end I guess the wait was worth it. The shoe smells and feels like a top seller!!!!!

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Olson Ole (Men’s) / Fly (Women’s)
Price: $144.95
Rating: Beginner to Competitive
Options: Ole - Available in both White (RH) and Stone (RH/LH available in full sizes only) interior and lacing to match. Lime has been discontinued.
Fly - Available in Pink (RH), Dewberry (RH) and Blue (RH/LH available in full sizes only) interior and lacing
Slider speed: 8 speed Flex slider (3/32” Teflon)

Men: 7-14 (RH/LH available in full sizes)
Ladies: 6-10 (RH/LH available in full sizes)

Description: Obviously what strikes you as soon as you look at the Ole is the bold new styling. The shoe is very reminiscent of your favourite pair of sneakers, and by the looks of the construction, they may just last as long. The boot is full leather, and is fleece lined for warmth. Olson’s have also given the option of lace colour, with each option coming with the corresponding coloured laces, allowing for a more traditional or bold look.
Sweep's Recommendation: A refreshing re-invention of the curling shoe. This high quality shoe appeals to your younger, more rebellious side. However, those of us with more conservative tastes have the option to replace the coloured laces with a more traditional black/white lace. Combine that with the variety of slider thicknesses available and you have a shoe that you can customize to fit your personality.
Rocky's Assessment: This can’t be right. A curling shoe that isn’t jet black and still looks good? I think you must be on the wrong kind of site. This is probably a pop-up, I would scan your computer for viruses tomorrow.

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Hexa Grippers
Price: $17.95
Options: Colours: Red, Black - Available in XS-XXL
Dewberry, Bali Blue, Berry Pink - Available in XS-M (fits up to Mens Size 9)

Description: High quality Thermal Rubber. Hexagonal pattern reduces ice melt and on-ice gripper marks. Superior grip and durability.

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Tournament Eagle
Price: $79.95
Rating: Beginner (causal/recreational curler).
Options: Slider speed – 7 (1/32” Teflon)
Sizing: Men: 7-12, 13 (LH/RH)
Ladies: 6-10 (LH/RH)

Description: The Eagle shoe’s overall design has been updated for improved fit. The Eagle features a vinyl upper shoe design and molded anti-slider gripper with a 1/32” slider
Sweep's Recommendation: The Eagle provides excellent comfort and value for the casual curler. When you consider the price of a new pair of running shoes and a pull on slider you can’t miss with the Eagle. It is important to note that the Eagle fits a good half size larger than standard US/Canadian sizing so you will need to take this into consideration when ordering.
Rocky's Assessment: It will work…but essentially vinyl shoes are like vinyl couches; sure they look like leather, but let’s face it, they not.

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Grippers and Sliders
Price: See options for details
Options: Gripper Price: $14.95
Hexa Gripper Price: $17.95
Elastic Slider Price: $19.95
Pull On Slider Price: $22.95

Description: Molded unifoot design TPR grippers and thin Teflon sliders provide a secure fit for curlers of every size. The upper heel tab is an added feature which makes taking this gripper on and off that much easier. Tournament grippers and sliders are manufactured in Canada to ensure quality.
Sweep's Recommendation: There's a huge variance in quality when it comes down to grippers and sliders as many manufacturers have tried to reduce costs by sourcing them in China. Cheap grippers won't last. They stretch prematurely and break down easily. Buy Canadian!
Rocky's Assessment: *sniff* Ohhh Canadaaaa...

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