2018 End of Season Address
April 5, 2018

What a season!  I want to start first by thanking everyone who participated this year - It has been a huge year for the league, with tons of new faces and players.  And I want to congratulate everyone - We have broken virtually every participation record in the 43 year history of the league:
  • We had 33 teams play this year which is the highest number of teams
  • We had 8 all women teams, which shatters the previous record (I think it was 4)
  • And, to continue along that line of thought, it was pointed out to me early in the season that out of our 150 players, we are about 40% female players which is fantastic - especially when you consider that it wasn't until the 2000-01 season that women could play, and the following season when Junior players were finally allowed to play.
I am hoping that next year we can hit 36 teams which will max out the league and let us use our final format of 2 A Flytes, 2 B Flytes and 2 C Flytes.  As much as I've enjoyed playing against the Mike Blonski team 34 times over 9 seasons, or Brian Olson's team 29 times, having 2 A Flytes will go a LONG way into freshening things up!


Speaking of participation, I'm going to go on a slight tangent here but our Bonspiels this year killed it.  I think the Beer Spiel didn't even need a signup sheet, the Hunger Games filled up in an evening and, everyone's favourite, the Combine Spiel, is probably about 'this close' to having people camp out overnight to signup.  Of course, congratulations to Danny Dozer for the stunning upset over Johnny Tractor! 

I do have an ulterior motive in bringing up the Bonspiels:  Tiffany and I are looking to step down from running the Hunger Games Bonspiel, so we're looking for some new volunteers to take over.  If it's something you'd be interested in trying let me or Craig know!  Trust me, it's the easiest bonspiel to run.

Club Champions and Travelers Representatives:

Congratulations to our Club Champions: Mike Blonski, Chris Dion, Derek Blonski and Alan Finlayson.  They will be our Mens Travelers Club Championship representatives for the following season. 

Congratulation Team Coe: Candace Coe, Lori Eddy, Kristi Ahokas and Roxane Dunmore - They are the highest ranked Womens team which makes them our Womens Travelers Club Championship representatives

For those who don't know, the Travelers Club Championship is a National Event where teams compete to become the best club team in the country.  So good luck to both our teams!


FINALLY, congratulations to all our playoff champions:

A Flyte - K. Blonski
B Flyte - Gregory
C Flyte - Vollick
D Flyte - Martindale
E Flyte - Jackson

Once again, big congratulations to all our winners!  Before I sign off, I want to also thank Craig and his team for the great ice all season, McNally Construction for their continued sponsorship, all the wait staff from tonight and throughout the year and, finally, to all of you for making it fun to run this league!  Thanks everyone and we'll see you in September!

2018 Finals
April 3, 2018

Just a reminder that the finals for the Open League are tomorrow!  All games start at 6:30 PM, so slightly earlier than normal in order to accommodate the club end of the year banquet that follows at 8:45 PM.

Click here for the complete playoff schedule!

For those whose quest for the championship ended early, I still strongly encourage you to come out to watch the games, grab a drink, and socialize.  This is the last day of curling for the season, so make it a good one!

Finally, all prizes and trophies will be given out during the banquet, so if you have won anything make sure you come to grab it, otherwise it goes back into the prize pool for next season.

Good luck to everyone playing!

2018 Playoff Schedule
March 22, 2018

Firstly, congratulations to everyone for completing the regular season and extra congratulations to our Club Champions:  Mike Blonski, Chris Dion, Derek Blonski and Alan Finlayson!  Starting in B Flyte this year, they went 17-3, finishing with 169pts and collecting 3 session wins along the way.

With 45 minutes left to spare to the 10am deadline, the playoff schedules have been created!  Click here to view the complete schedule.

Our lucky teams who will be playing tonight @ 6:45PM are:

Ice 2:  Nease vs Gardiner-Dean
Ice 3:  Jackson vs Styles
Ice 4:  Glenny vs Winslow

If, for some reason, you're not able to play your game tonight, you are the fortunate few who can reschedule their game as long as it's played prior to March 28th.

Best of luck to all teams in the playoffs!

Convener Contact
Kris Blonski

Please submit all games results via text or email. Include both team names and final scores.
Thanks to all Open League Sponsors

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