2017 End of Season Address
April 6, 2017

What a season!

Before everyone puts away their curling gear I want to quickly re-cap the year! First of all, a big thank you to our sponsor, McNally Construction, for once again supporting our league. Everything that we bring in goes back to the players so the more support the better!

Brier Challenge 2.0
This is our second time running the event and we increased our entries from 56 to 92! Next year we will be running this for the Olympic Trials so make sure to start your research now! So without further ado, your Challenge champions are:

1st Place - Pam Irvine
2nd Place - Dave Dean
3rd Place - Team Laurin

Hot Shots
We ran our annual Team Hot Shots competition again this year and with 25 entries, was the largest event so far. Based on the final overall standings, we award one winner from A and B Flyte, and two winners from C Flyte.

Congratulations to our winning teams:
McMaster University (B Flyte - 39 pts - 6th Overall)
Team Hipple (C Flyte - 43 pts - 5th Overall)
Team Henricks (C Flyte - 47 pts - 3rd Overall)
Team K. Blonski (A Flyte - 51 pts - 1st Overall)

Congratulations to Russ Gray for earning the prize of "Best Curling at Dundas Valley" as he had the highest individual score of all participants with 24 out of 30 points.

Season Accomplishments
Two real dominating teams this regular season: Linda Blonski and Craig Maslinís teams. Tied for 2nd and 4th most wins in league history with 18 and 17, and tied for 2nd in longest winning streak at 11. The Maslin team was particularly ruthless, setting the league record for highest average points per game at 8.55; almost a full point ahead of the previous leader.

Club Champions and Travelers Club Championship Representatives
Congratulations to our Club Champions this season: Kris Blonski, Russ Gray, Peter Kastrau, and Pete Child. Another congratulations go to our third place team, Team Coe - Candace Coe, Lori Eddy, Kristi Ahokas, and Roxane Dunmore: Both teams will represent our club at the Travelers Club Championship in October this year. Great job everyone!

FINALLY, great job to all the teams that made the finals this year but there can only be one winner in each flyte! So congratulations to the following teams for winning the playoffs:
A Flyte Playoffs: Team Coe
B Flyte Playoffs: Team Schellenberg
C Flyte Playoffs: Team Henricks
D Flyte Playoffs: Team Vollick
D Flyte Playoffs: Team Klein

Final Season Thank Yous!
I want to thank Craig for his fantastic ice throughout the year - without a doubt we have some of the best ice in Southern Ontario and we're all lucky to have someone so dedicated to the club.

As usual I'll be making some tweaks to the league and the website over the summer, and I'll see all of you again at the Open House in September!

Thanks Everyone for another fantastic season here at Dundas Valley!

The Finals - 2017 Edition
April 3, 2017

We are down to one game left this season and it's time to see which teams have what it takes to walk away as playoff champions!

The schedule of events for Wednesday, April 5th is as follows:

Pre-Announcements: 6:40PM
Game Start: 6:45PM
Awards and Closing Ceremony: ~9:00PM

For those who signed up: Appetizers will be available during the game, and a separate serving after the games for those who are playing in the finals.

For those who's quest for the championship ended early than expected, I strongly encourage you to come out to the finals anyway and enjoy the last game of the season! It's a great opportunity to see everyone one last time before the summer break and, most importantly, that everyone shoots 100% from behind the glass. As an added incentive, all prize money from Hotshots, Brier Pool 2.0, Session Wins, Top 5 Finishes, and, of course, the playoffs will be distributed at this time!

Good luck and good curling to all those participating in the finals!

Playoffs and Hot Shots
March 17, 2017


Firstly, congratulations to everyone for completing another regular season of the Open League! It was a battle all year long with many new teams emerging as contenders for the Club Championship.

The schedules for the playoffs have been posted and you can check them out on the website on the schedule page or in the way-harder-than-you'd-think-to-code bracket format! Of course, you can also see your games via your team page as well.

Please remember that there are adjusted rules for the playoffs, so I'd recommend spending a couple minutes brushing up on them!

Game times will be:
Quarter Finals - Wednesday, March 29 @ 645 & 900 PM
Semi Finals - Thursday, March 30 @ 645 & 900 PM
Finals - Wednesday, April 5 @ 645 PM (with awards and prizes to follow)

We are trying something new for the finals night and instead of a post-game banquet, we're going to serve hors d'oeurvres throughout the night. Signups for this should go up very soon in the curling lounge and the pricing should be around $20-25 per person. For those playing in the finals, there will be a separate service just for you (assuming you also sign up). For those who unfortunately don't make it to the finals, I strongly recommend coming out and enjoying the finals anyway and say goodbye to your curling friends before they hibernate for the summer! And don't forget to bring your significant other so that they can experience where you spend 95% of your time in the winter.


The Team Hot Shots will be played next week on March 22nd and 23rd.

Please take note that the games will be played at 645PM and 815PM. Hotshots typically only takes about 1:15 to 1:30 hrs to play, so even if you're on the late draw, you'll be home in bed nice and early!

You can play with 3, 4, or 5 man teams and feel free to use spares if you'd like. I do not need to be notified ahead of time of how many players you will have.

I will be there for all draws to do a quick announcement and run-through of the rules and to answer any questions you may have!

Convener Info
Kris Blonski
Thanks to all DV Curling's Sponsors

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