The Clean Sheet Equipment Adoption Centre
(Formerly the Clearance Bin)

Thank you for your interest in bringing one of these lovely pieces of equipment into your loving home. Due to the nature of our Adoption Centre, the listed remaining items may not be 100% accurate! Call or Email us to make sure the product you want is still available!

Tournament Grippers and Sliders
Price: See options for details
Options: Gripper Price: $12 XSmall, large, XLarge remaining.
Elastic Slider Price: $18.95 Extra Small - Large remaining
Pull On Slider Price: $18.00 Extra small remaining

Description: Molded unifoot design TPR grippers and thin Teflon sliders provide a secure fit for curlers of every size. The upper heel tab is an added feature which makes taking this gripper on and off that much easier. Tournament grippers and sliders are manufactured in Canada to ensure quality.
Sweep's Recommendation: There's a huge variance in quality when it comes down to grippers and sliders as many manufacturers have tried to reduce costs by sourcing them in China. Cheap grippers won't last. They stretch prematurely and break down easily. Buy Canadian!
Rocky's Assessment: *sniff* Ohhh Canadaaaa...

Ultima Traditional Belted Pants (Women's)
Price: $25
Options: Size: S remaining

Description: Tactel/Lycra construction. Machine washable & dryable.
Sweep's Recommendation: Relaxed fit for the young curler! There's stretch to help you get low to the ice. Watch the sizing as they tend to fit small.
Rocky's Assessment: If I didn't have these stubby legs, I'd wear them. It's surprisingly tough to find 36-3 pants... I swear I'm putting my tailors kids through university.

Delivery Stick
Price: $45
Options: Sold out
Delivery broom adaptor $35.00 (Fits larger shaft brooms). 2 remaining.

Delivery broom adaptor can be added to the end of your existing hollow shaft broom. Call or email us for explanation.

Soft Shell Jacket (Men's and Women's)
Price: $45
Men's Jackets:
Black. Size XXL.

Women's Jackets:
Black. Sizes S, M (Limited to remaining stock.)

Description: The Men's and Women's lightweight Soft Shell is ideal for cool to cold temperature conditions where protection, breathability, and flexibility are required. A perfect curling jacket!

Hexa Grippers
Price: $12
Options: Limited to current stock.
Black - S, XXL
Dewberry - L
Berry Pink - S

Description: High quality Thermal Rubber. Hexagonal pattern reduces ice melt and on-ice gripper marks. Superior grip and durability.

Ladies Inspire Jacket
Price: $35
Options: Sizes: 6 & 12

Description: 4-way stretch, wicking breathable fabric
Sweep's Recommendation: This design is form fitting and warm enough to wear over a sweater or as an extra layer on those cold winter nights in the rink. Goes great with the Inspire Pants.
Rocky's Assessment: Nice enough to wear for an apres-game cocktail in the club.

Ladies Inspire Pant
Price: $35
Options: size 12 remaining

Description: Black with Grey accents. 4-way stretch , wicking breathable fabric.
Sweep's Recommendation: These are form fitting Yoga style pants that are very comfortable. They are a great match to the Inspire jacket. But take note, pants generally fit one size smaller than you would normally wear.
Rocky's Assessment: Misses Rocky loves the fit and comfort!

Jack / Jill NeoSport
Price: $100
Rating: Beginner to Intermediate
Options: 1/16" slider

Men"s Jack - Available in Charcoal/Orange sizes 12,13
Black/Blue sizes 7.5,13

Women"s Jill available in Charcoal/Pink sizes 6,6.5,8,10
Black/Aqua size 7

Description: A revolutionary new design. They are made with mesh neoprene uppers and also contain a Velcro heal strap that adjusts for narrow heal widths. These are the lightest shoes available today. Only available in RH
Sweep's Recommendation: Lightweight, stylish and extremely comfortable. These shoes stand out from the standard black shoe.
Rocky's Assessment: Time to retire my old guy shoes for these kickin new styles

Jill ReVive
Price: $90
Rating: Beginner - Novice
Options: Opaque slider
Women's sizes 6, 8 remaining.

Description: The ReVive is made with black leather upper with grey accents. We are stocking the new Opaque Poly slider. This is a great slider for the newer curler who wants to learn the basics with less fear of falling.
Sweep's Recommendation: The next generation shoe has the classic styling and dependability that Olson is known for. The thicker slider can be ordered for those who want a faster sliding shoe.
Rocky's Assessment: Just what I need, a pair of black shoes to go with my black pants.

Ladies Elektra Gloves
Price: $25
Options: Sizes large & XLarge

Description: Charcoal leather lined with pink neoprene and charcoal mesh accents.
Sweep's Recommendation: The lining gives you the needed warmth. The lack of Velcro straps makes them easier to remove. Leather palms help with grip.
Rocky's Assessment: Not your Momma's curling gloves.